To create life-changing
encounters and experiences
BNS was founded by a group of friends who met at a share house in the bohemian Tokyo neighborhood ofShimokitazawa. Back when we were housemates, we enjoyed each others’ company brewing freshly-milled morning coffee, talking all night long over our favorite records, bar-hopping and meeting new people-immersing ourselves in the neighborhood’s vibrant culture. These formative experiences exposed us to various life-changing encounters and events that have shaped our friendship and identities into what they are today. Our mission is to become a catalyst to spark new encounters and experiences.


Using physical space as a tool to create an experience beyond words
Today, we live in a world where we can interact and experience various things in the virtual world. However, we believe that there are certain aspects such as the ambience and feel of the setting that can only be captured in a real, physical space. We also believe that extraordinary, life- changing events cannot always be fully expressed in words. In this way, our vision is to use physical space as a tool to provide ‘beyond word’ experiences.


Celebrate our Differences
At BNS, we value diversity and individuality. Race, gender, sexuality, background, beliefs, culture, religion…
We recognize that each, and every individual live a life as vivid and complex as our own. Rejecting those who we perceive as different will only limit one’s field of vision. We seek to create a society where everyone is treated with respect; a world where we can celebrate our differences.


Leaving our comfort zone
Because so many life-changing encounters and experiences lay beyond our comfort zones.
Let's question
the stereotypes
Because so many life-changing experiences are felt the moment you abandon a stereotype.
Let's respect people
Because life-changing events are predicated on appreciating diversity and valuing human connection.
Let’s have fun
Because we can’t think creatively unless we’re enjoying what we’re doing.



Blending the best elements of hotel-like quality and home-like relaxation.
Our completely contact-free check in/out system allow our guests to use these exceptional spaces like their home away from home.
illi Group
Remember all the fun you used to have at sleepovers when you were younger? Relive the best sleepover experience you had as a child but with a serious upgrade.he concept of illi is simple: The ultimate sleepover experience for millennials on-the-go.
At illi, we curate spacious and stylish accommodations which combine the comfort of a home and the hospitality of a hotel. Thoughtfully designed with a gentle nod to the culture and ambience of the locality, our rooms seamlessly blend into their respective neighborhoods while offering experiences that are slightly out of the ordinary. Perhaps the new encounters, discoveries and experiences cultivated at illi have the potential to influence change in your overbooked life? We’ve prepared a luxurious yet playful hideout that’s bound to awaken your inner child…


We seek to re-evaluate the core purpose of each space, and design it in a way that best serves its users and facilitate meaningful human interactions and experiences; important now more than ever as virtual means of communication
becomes increasingly mainstream.
Gather. Together. To get there.
With offices now deemed “not a necessity” for work, what is it that motivates us to get together?
At LIT, we believe that the purpose of the office is to bring together all the spontaneous ideas and irreplaceable relationships that arise from the simple act of gathering and spending time to laugh and talk.
Small-talks on the elevator, chats in the smoke room, heart-to-hearts over drinks...
Great ideas often ignite during the most unexpected conversations.
The ambience and architecture of LIT has been meticulously designed to foster these potentially life-changing conversations.
Here’s to a new way of life and work…


Concept creation for HORECA including hotels, cafés, restaurants and D2C e-commerce channels.
Business operation, interior direction, design works, product merchandising, business planning and marketing/PR.
THE 10 PERCENT × Fraction Bar
Beyond ‘the bestʼ. Beloved.
Aiming for the ‘best’ is one’s desire to create something extraordinary. At The 10 Percent, we aim to go beyond the ‘best’, and become ‘beloved’.shigaki Wagyu is a legendary Wagyu that rarely goes to market as almost 90% is consumed within the island of Ishigaki, Okinawa.he 10 Percent is built on the philosophy of serving the finest beef in a non-traditional space and ambience- A place for you to reaffirm that ‘location’ and ‘situation’ is of profound importance in stimulating your senses, and essentially amplifying the sensations of a dining us trigger a sensory overload. We’ll leave you with an aftertaste that lasts a lifetime…



May LIT kindle your life-changing encounters and experiences.


We believe that your individuality and unique traits have the power to change someone’s life.
Join our crew of extraordinary individuals and play a part in “creating life-changing encounters and experiences“.
BARE NOTE STUDIO is looking for members who resonate with our mission and seek to grow with us.